"If you lose your identity,

how far do you go to find it?"

Mira Mira



When Mira discovers a family secret, she sets off to find her true identity, leaving her lover to sort out why she's left… and whether she's coming back.





If your place in the world has always been in relation to your perceived past… what does it mean when that changes?


This film is about a young woman who doesn't know how to answer that question. Mira Mira runs the emotional spectrum - there's a thrilling chase, there's romance, there are greater mythical forces at work, there's an intimate psychological struggle within the protagonist.  It was inspired by films like Black Orpheus, and stories like Alice and Wonderland - stories where a hero sets off on a quest in a confusing new world with new rules. In Mira Mira we're not always sure whats real and what's not, and that's part of what's made it so exciting to work on.


The artistic elements of Mira Mira - the oil pastel animations, the totally percussive soundtrack, and innovative mobile technology create a dynamic mixed-media experience. 








We are a film production company that reflects on identity.

DERORRIM is MIRRORED, backwards.


How's that for meaningful reflection?